Author Interviews, Member Bios, Meeting Notes, and Opening Acts

Shameless Self-Promotion or Selfless Promotion of Others?

One benefit of being a California Writers Club member is, or should be, an opportunity to get more readers for whatever you’re writing. But many of us are uncomfortable promoting ourselves. So let’s promote each other.

Are you an author who’d like to be interviewed and featured on this website, Facebook, and elsewhere?

Are you a writer who’d like to interview a fellow CWC-Marin member?

Contact John Byrne Barry — I’ll play matchmaker, connect an interviewer with an interviewee. See the interview with Club president Joan Steidinger as an example.

Meeting Notes

Since we can’t always make it to the monthly meeting, we thought it would be useful to capture the essence of the presentations for those who weren’t there. Here’s the summary of David Corbett’s excellent workshop on character that Laura Lopez and I put together from our notes. We’d love to be able to do that for every workshop, but we need some member-writers to agree in advance to take notes and then distill them for posting here on our blog. Might that writer be you? Contact John Byrne Barry or share your idea in the comment area below. We’ll spread it out so each of us only has to do it now and then. And if you want, we’ll team you up with someone.

October Opening Act:
Pitching Your Project

Most CWC-Marin meetings feature a presentation where one or several people is in the front of the room, and the rest of us are in the audience. But this year, at 1 pm, before the 2 pm formal meeting, we’ve been hosting “Opening Acts,” geared toward getting to know each other and sharing our work or ideas.

Earlier this year, the Club held an Open Mike, where participants got ten minutes to give a short reading and solicit feedback. Another time, we read the first page of the book or story we were working on.

Before our October presentation on NaNoWriMo and Critique Groups, we’ll be pitching our projects, completed or imagined, in a minute or less, and giving feedback to each other.

Have an idea for an Opening Act? Contact John Byrne Barry or share your idea in the comment area below.

John Byrne Barry is author of Wasted, a” green noir” mystery set in the Berkeley recycling world, and Bones in the Wash: Politics is Tough. Family is Tougher, a political thriller set in New Mexico during the 2008 presidential campaign.