NaNoWriMo “Write-In” November 5 at Tam Valley Cabin (FREE)

Since our usual fourth Sunday of the month falls on Thanksgiving weekend, we’re hosting a “write-in” November 5 in Tam Valley (60 Tennessee Valley Road, Mill Valley). We’ll be joined by Elizabeth Menozzi, the Marin County liaison for NaNoWriMo — the national novel writing month.


If you don’t know about NaNoWriMo, this will be a great opportunity to find about it. National Novel Writing Month has been happening since July 1999 when 21 writers gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now there are hundreds of thousands of NaNoWriMo writers, all over the world.

We’ll start at 4:30 pm with introductions and an overview of NaNoWriMo from Elizabeth. She’ll share tips about how to make the best of it, and tell us about other gatherings around the bay. Then we’ll set aside 30-45 minutes for writing, followed by several brave souls reading their work out loud. (Not necessarily brand new from the writing session.)

We’ll have refreshments, too. Free to members and non-members.