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Kate-Amatrudax100 Kate Amatruda is a psychotherapist, a military and family life consultant, a disaster responder and a writer. Awards include Honorable Mentions in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition: Suburbia (2010) and Wizzy-Wig (2008). She is extensively published in various professional journals.

Wendy-CoblentzWendy Coblentz has more than 30 years of experience in fundraising and special projects consulting for institutions and organizations in the fields of social action, civil rights, health, public welfare, and education, in both the public and private sectors.

It’s Your Fault, my Journey Through Back Pain, a Teenager and Self-Discovery (Mill City Press) was published in Spring 2013.

tanya_egan_gibsonTanya Egan Gibson is the author of the novel How To Buy a Love of Reading (Dutton – 2009), and a freelance editor, consultant, and writing teacher. Gibson-Love-of-Readingx100She has written for such magazines as The Writer, Parents, and Writer’s Digest, which will publish her latest article, “10 Things Your Freelance Editor Hasn’t Told You–But Should” in its May/June 2013 issue. Visit her unusual and interesting website at:

jo_harafJo Haraf is co-author of Achieving Excellence in Legal Technology Management, and is currently at work on a short story collection set in New York City in the 1920s. Jo is a regular speaker at individual firm and conference events. She co-chaired the 2005 inaugural American Lawyer Chief Information and Technology Officers Forum. She is a frequent contributor to legal publications and served for many years on the Editorial Board of Law Technology News. Jo earned an MBA at the University of Rhode Island and a BS in Business and Computer Science from Northern Illinois University. She is also writing about Lady Ada Lovelace in the 1800s, the first computer programmer.

Mary Rose Hayes.Mary Rose Hayes. In addition to six novels of her own and two political CoverFinalMaryR-125thrillers co-authored with Senator Barbara Boxer, British-born Mary-Rose Hayes has published short stories, articles and poetry in England and the United States, and written and optioned several screenplays. She teaches writing workshops in Arizona and Tuscany Italy. Her latest novel, What She Had To Do, (Cavendish Hill Press) was released in October, 2013.

Lynn-Cook-HenriksenLynn Cook Henriksen, aka The Story Woman, discovered a profound way to keep our mothers’ spirits alive by Henriksen-TellTale-Soulshelping hundreds of daughters and sons capture in brief memoirs the memories and feelings they never thought they could record. She is the author of the award-winning guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit.

NickKanasx100 Nick Kanas. Dr Nick Kanas has spent decades studying group cohesion, distress and displacement in astronauts, submariners and Arctic explorers. Kanas-Celestial_Bookx125His goal? To equip these explorers with coping tools that will lead them safely to and back from other worlds. His many awards include the Aerospace Medical Association Raymond F. Longacre Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in the Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Aerospace Medicine, the J. Elliott Royer Award for excellence in Academic Psychiatry, and the 2004 International Academy of Astronautics Life Sciences Book Award for Space Psychology and Psychiatry (co-author). His recent books include Star Maps: History Artistry and Cartography (Springer Praxis June 1012) and The New Martians (October 2013)

Dick-KatzDick Katz. Lawyer, CPA, author of two books, two screenplays and two plays. Born 1938 and still here to tell the tale.



susan_kellerSusan Keller is currently in the grinding marketing phase of getting her first novel, Mothers of Beautiful Daughters, published. She also loves contests and is presently in fiction and poetry competitions. Her poetry has won first place in poetry slams. Her travel story, “The Drunken Camel Ride,” was published in the anthology, Vintage Voices, Cent’ Anni: May You Live 100 Years.

Mary-Kreftingx100Mary Krefting grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo, immersed in the culture of video games and manga. After receiving her B.A. degree from U.C. Berkeley, she worked as a molecular microbiologist for several years until a decision to pursue her passions led her to the video game industry. She has over a decade of industry experience as a Game Designer, and has worked for Cyclone Studios, THQ, Crystal Dynamics, 3DO, Sony and more. She currently splits her time between teaching Game Design and History at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is the sole proprietor of MK Designs and Consulting.

DALevyD. A. Levy is a Media/Marketing Professional with 20+ years in traditional publishing and everything E: Web/blog design, content development and ePublishing. Pen and Ink Illustration by Dianne Levy. She enjoyed 28+ years at The San Francisco Chronicle as Assistant to the Book Editor and Executive Director, Season of Sharing Fund. For 16 years, she has been Director of The Maritime Heritage Project, one of the largest maritime history web sites in the world. When she isn’t wandering the world, she builds blogs and websites for noted California individuals, politicians and authors. She is now resurrecting images for gallery shows and for an illustrated story about a dragon family.  (Right: crow quill pen and ink.)
Researcher/Writer: The Maritime Heritage Project
Photographer/Illustrator: World Images
Web Designer/Blogs: MarinEStudios

Michael-LipseyMichael Lipsey is an epigrammatist (1,500 epigrams) and artist living in California. He is the author of two collections of original epigrams: “I Thought So – A Book of Epigrams” and “I Thought So, Volume 2.Lipsey-BookOfEpigramsHe is completing a third book of epigrams, and a book on the history and culture of the plumbing industry tentatively titled “Kitchen Sink Confidential.” He divides his time between writing and artwork. Much of the art is illustrations of the epigrams he has written.
I Thought So: A Book of Epigrams
Visit his tumblr blog:

Jean-Mansenx100Before turning to writing, Jean Mansen worked in banking and venture capital where she swears that she was creative, but never made up stuff. An avid dog lover, she’s written for Fetch and the Tales from the Trails column for the Marin IJ. She is at work on her first novel and enjoys reading flash fiction pieces at Pints n Prose in Fairfax among other Bay Area locations.

Author of Historical non-fictionEugene Arundel Miller is the youngest grandson of Arundel C. Hull, one of the early photographers along the route of the Union Pacific Railroad in the late 1860’s.
Miller-Soldiers-Letters-HomeHe has also written Photographer of the Early West, the Story of Arundel C. Hull and Arundel C. Hull, Ghost Photographer for William H. Jackson as well as Soldiers’ Letters Home.
With Hull’s collection of photographs and his mother’s research notes and maps, he retraced the 1094 mile long original route of the Union Pacific. The countless stories he heard and an extensive outlay of other historical photographs have been combined into Miller’s Railroad 1869, Along the Historic Union Pacific and the companion book, A Traveler’s Guide to Railroad 1869.”

Rena-Morningsongx100 Rena Morningsong hails from Washington State, where she lived her first 40+ years. In 1990, with her second husband, Robert R. Hagy, she moved to Sonoma. In 1994 she went back to college — Santa Rosa Junior College followed by Sonoma State University — majoring in anthropology with an interest in psychology. In 1998 she took a break from Sonoma State University to deal with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. After spending 10 years of dealing with her disease, she joined a book club. The result is Surviving Superman, about a woman in her 40s who begins to have flashbacks of a childhood much worse than she remembers. On her website,, she blogs about the query process in The Query Chronicles and devotes a page to Character Vignettes, using characters from her book in scenes that are not included in the book.
The Morning Song Pages

LindaMyersLinda Joy Myers is president and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and has been a therapist for over 30 years in Berkeley, CA. She’s the author of four books: Don’t Call Me Mother—A Daughter’s Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness, The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story, and a workbook The Journey of Memoir: The Three Stages of Memoir Writing. Her book Becoming Whole—Writing Your Healing Story was a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award. A speaker and award winning author, she co-teaches the program Write Your Memoir in Six Months, and offers editing, coaching, and mentoring for memoir, nonfiction, and fiction.

ChristieNelsonChristie Nelson is the ChristieNelsonDreamingauthor of the recently released Dreaming Mill Valley, and Woodacre, along with a limited edition memoir, My Moveable Feast.

John PhillipsJohn Phillip, an award-winning humor columnist, writes a weekly column for six Marin County newspapers. He has recently finished his first novel tentatively titled “Perfect Parts.”


royalPriscilla Royal is a charter member of the Marin Branch of CWC: After retiring from government work, Priscilla entered a life of crime when she decided that time-travel to 13th century England might be more fun and much cheaper than buying an RV. She was right about the “fun”, but seven bookcases on medieval history later, she agrees that “cheaper” may have been wrong. Royal-Sanctity-Of-Hatex100Her sleuths, Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas, belong to a real Order of Fontevraud in which monks and nuns lived and worked together in close proximity. Their leader, however, was always a woman, an interesting concept in a world that believed women were weak and should never rule men. She is now on her 11th book in her Medieval Mystery series.

Mark ShawMark Shaw is the author of 20+ books, including his latest, The Poison Patriarch: How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Causes the Assassination of JFK (Skyhorse Publishing, October 2013). Mark is a California attorney and former Midwestern criminal defense lawyer whose careers have included newspaper publisher, network television personality, and legal analyst for ABC, CNN, and ESPN. A recent resident of Burlingame, Mark’s books besides The Poison Patriarch include Beneath the Mask of Holiness, a biography of the famous monk and spiritualist Thomas Merton, Miscarriage of Justice, a chronicle of spy Jonathan Pollard’s case, King of the Courtroom, a biography of legendary San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, and Stations Along the Way, the memoir of former Hitler Youth Leader Ursula Martens. Additional works are biographies of Larry Bird, Mike Tyson, and Cecelia Rexin, an angel of mercy during the Holocaust. He has also collaborated on several publications including Forever Flying, with famed aviator R. A “Bob” Hoover.

Mark also mentors aspiring writers as well as providing legal consulting and legal advice to those in need of assistance with their literary or entertainment career. His book, How to Become a Published Author: Idea to Publication provides a simple road map for optimizing publishing potential.

Sheldon-SiegelSheldon Siegel is the New York Times best selling author of seven courtroom dramas featuring San Francisco criminal defense attorneys Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez. Siegel-Terrorist-Next-Doorx100

His eighth novel, The Terrorist Next Door (June 2013) is set in Chicago per request of his mom. Sheldon began writing his first book, Special Circumstances, on a laptop computer during his daily commute on the ferry from Marin County to San Francisco.

Susanna SolomonSusanna Solomon.Sheriff's Calls Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls, Susanna’s novel, is a collection of short stories based on actual events.

She’s written short stories, novels, and flash fiction and gives readings in Marin and Sonoma counties, tailoring her stories to either three minute or five minute readings. She believes it’s good exercise for writing stories, and a lot of help in writing novels.

Dr. Joan Steidinger.Joan Steidinger, is an AASP Certified sports psychologist, writer, and ardent traveler. She wrote “Dr. Joan’s Sports Psych” for, The San Franciso Chronicle website, and had a column on the online magazine Psychology Today. The column was named “Blood, Sweat, and Cheers,” and focused on female athletes, relationships, and sports performance. She writes for Ultrarunning Magazine and is currently writing her first book on female athletes and relationships to be released in 2014. She has written a chapter for a spirituality and sports book. Her chapter is titled “Women’s Intuitive Spirit in Sports.”

Sandy-Steinmanx100Sandy Steinman’s short stories and plays have been included in programs at the College of Marin, the Fringe of Marin’s Short Play and Solo Festival at Dominican University, Ross Valley Players and the Petaluma Poetry Festival.

Patsy-Ann-Taylor Patsy Ann Taylor. Her prize-winning poetry and short stories have been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies. She’s a founding member of Napa Writers Network and the Los Angeles based women’s workshop: Cottage Poets. She is a member of the California Writers Club Marin, Santa Rosa, and Napa Valley, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and Sisters in Crime.

As a former board member of CWC San Fernando Valley she was presented the Betty Freeman Award, and the Sue Alexander Service and Encouragement award from SCBWI-Los Angeles. She is currently working on the second of her Lainy Brooke mysteries and a fourth collection of poetry.

Patsy Ann Taylor: A Napa Writer’s Open Door

Barbara Truax.Barbara Truax is a founding member of Marin branch and past president of the state-wide California Writers Club. During her state presidency, the California Writers Club accepted a California Legislative Resolution, declaring the third week of October as California Writers Week. A native of Wisconsin, she and her husband Don “came across the Rockies and never looked back” in 1974. She worked in the medical field for 24 years, signed up for a romance writing class at the local community college “for fun” and a writer was born. Four unpublished novels later, bemoaning her fate, her writing teacher said, “You’re a writer—you can write anything!” Barbara has published short stories and articles and now, after a three year hiatus, has returned to writing. Her latest project is the history of the Carnegie libraries in the United States. She credits her seventh grade teacher Sister Emily for her ability to still diagram sentences. Bad writing, typos, and grammatical errors drive her crazy.

walkerJett Walker was raised in Long Beach California. After college she taught school in Long Beach and Compton. She lived in Italy, Delaware, Washington D.C. area, and Aspen, Colorado before settling in Tiburon 33 years ago. Once in the Bay area she attended the Academy of Art. She did a lot of writing in college at Long Beach but turned her creative endeavors to art working in paint, etchings, and sculpture. She is a past president of Marin Society of Artists. Ten years ago she started her first novel. It has been edited and reedited umpteen times. It awaits its finished draft. In the meantime she has just completed her second novel’s first draft. She loves words and is fairly fluent in Italian and Spanish, having studied in Spain, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Eric Wentworth A Plan for LifeEric Wentworth has been a writer and Creative Director at advertising agencies, as well as an entrepreneur, for more than 35 years. His first book, Secret Lives, was published in 2012. His next book, A Plan for Life: The 21st Century Guide to Success in Wealth, Health, Career, Education, Love, Place…and You!, is scheduled for publication by 2014. He is currently at work on a humorous mystery novel, A Stab in the Back, and From Startup to Finish: 50 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs from America’s Top Angel Investors. Eric lives in Tiburon, California.

Pamela-WightWight-the-right-wrong-man Pamela Wight is a published writer and editor and has a Zine of short stories and poems. Her novel, The Right Wrong Man, is now available electronically. She highlights her passion for writing and living in her blog, RoughWighting

Kate Wright is a British expat. KateWrightx100The close friendship of her mother with Mary Hemingway, the writer’s widow, happily brought her to the US, many years ago. Her second book, a memoir and biography, Bombs, Love and Hemingway’s Shadow is with literary agent Tom Wallace.