The Marin branch of the California Writers Club is delighted to announce the winners of the

Write Across the Golden Gate
2012 Fiction and Nonfiction prose contest
First Place(s) and Honorable Mentions

We appreciate the many submissions we received from as far away as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The quality of the writing was first-rate and we encourage all to maintain this high quality, keep writing, and keep submitting.

Please join us in thanking our Judges for their commitment, and diligence.

Peg Alford Pursell
Charlotte Robin Cook
Priscilla Royal
Olga Zilberbourg

Barbara Truax, lead judge
Mary Jane Essex, screening judge

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Contest Winners: 2012



Reynold Junker, The Accordionist and the Sparrow

Honorable Mentions

Kasey Arnold-Ince, Dissolution
Patricia Morin, Passages
Kasey Arnold-Ince, Salt & Pepper



Gail Stockwell, The Old Man and His Pies

Honorable Mentions

Susan Keller, A Turn in the Road: A Memoir
Delia Reid, Illuminations
Paula Nixon, The Life and Death of F521

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