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Here are three handouts:

When you write a memoir, you draw layers of challenge and skill: telling your story, having it reach the hearts of others, and managing the labyrinth of doubts and fears about consequences of revealing your personal truths.

Several key elements unlock your story: finding the structure, writing scenes, managing your inner critic, and locating the main growth points in your story. By weaving truth and craft, you create new insights for yourself and the arc of your story will lead to meaningful takeaways for your readers.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to discover the major moments that create the theme of your memoir — turning points.
  • How to weave through time — scenes and flashback.
  • The power of writing scene to create insight in the writer and the reader.
  • Truth—and the inner and outer critics—writing about family.
  • Ways to focus deeply into your story and allow it to have its own path.

The journey of writing a memoir offers you an opportunity to stand in the shoes of who you were in past while you also explore your story through the eyes of yourself now. Learning to writing strong scenes is an important skill that allows you to dip into the stream of time, to taste and know and feel that time and bring the reader into that world.

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